• Ali

Hello Fall

Hey Guy's!!!

I know I've been saying for month's now, but I can finally say it cause it's finally here.. Hello Fall!!! So it would only be right to give Fall a post of it's own. I am so excited my season has officially arrived & it absolutely warms my heart to see & feel the change.

There is something so beautiful about Fall, is it the change of the weather, nature changing & letting go of all it's beauty & standing bare for all of us to see or is it the season right before everything is gone & we wait patiently for the sun to warm us again & to see the blooms? Whatever it maybe for you, I hope it is wonderful. As for me it is always a time to reflect & see where I am headed. I look towards a season of cozy vibes, to be gathered again with family & friends after a Summer of fun. To enjoy home cooked meals that warm our hearts & souls. To enjoy the days that are getting shorter & nights get a bit longer, to embrace what's home. I realize we've been home for quite some time this year, but I know at Country Chic Homes, it definitely feels different already during this season.

I wish you all a beautiful & peaceful Fall season, may it bring you health, prosperity & most of all love.





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