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Hello Love

Hey Guy's!! So are ya'll feeling the love & sweetness in your creations? Do ya'll have plans with a special someone or even with a group of friends.. movie night & some champs? Well I'm hoping my BF is figuring something out :), but really love is always present in my creations & at the home front not just on February 14th.

I have created a few spaces & want to give ya'll the deets & a close look at everything I used. For items that I have link, I will add it to the item :). Ok llok away & leave me any questions or comments that you may have & of course don't forget to show your love on IG! Thanks a billion love ya all!

Give Love & Receive Love Always!



Ok Guy's so let me give the Deets on how I created with all my amazing items! I'll do so under each picture.

On my fabulous Walmart Table I created my Candle Vignette. I of course used my DIY candle holder and I did buy some candles from Amazon, light pink & hot pink. A set of CCH Stamped Paperback Books "

Happy Valentine's DIY paper hearts (in blog on how to create), cherub in a #3 crock (Rococo Mercato) sitting on the pedestal from Hobby Lobby & Target heart frame & wood sign..Super Simple but so Valentine's!

On my dining table, I created simple with my vintage tool box, pedestal from Rococo Mercato, set of CCH Stamped Paperback Books, Paper Heart Garland by my sweet friend Bethany at Buntingsnmore, 2 hearts with vintage typewriter keys.

Coffee Table Creation... My vintage crown, set of CCH Stamped Paperback Set "You & Me", vintage rustic wood tray with my dad's angle, cherub & a red pom pom garland from Rococo Mercato.

Last but not least Guy's!! The TV table creation! Okay do ya'll know how hard it is to take a good photo of any creation on this table with out getting the TV? Well it is, one day I'm just going to post a picture of the TV on IG lol! Ok so here we go... CCH Paper Garland , Hello Love banner sign from Target Dollar spot, Wood Bead Tassel from Target & White Wood Bead Garland from Sequoia Floral (local shop)

That's it!! Happy Valentine's Creating!

BYE :)


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