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How I Create

Hey Guy's!!!

I hope ya'll had a great weekend & chilled some more at home. Seriously, whatever your part is we're all in this together. Let's make the best of it & enjoy this time at home.

Well let me introduce you to what this post is about. I get asked all the time, how I create & do I do every part of my home.. and even though my house is small my answer to the last part of the question is no. So I want to share with ya'll first on a few tips of how I create & what I do to every time.

How I create:

1. I create one space every week which is for my Monday Night hashtag post. I just choose what space from the 5 spaces that I am constantly re-creating. The other 4 spaces, I may do twice a month really no more than that unless there's a special event or a holiday. For holidays excluding Christmas, I start 2 weeks before the holiday starting small & add gradually up to the week of the holiday. I do that so I won't get tired of seeing the same creation for weeks.

2. I brainstorm ideas that I want to create. I always think to myself that I should write them down but I don't... major headache. Seriously I come up with them or I am inspired by some of my favorite accounts on IG. Brainstorming can go on for days in my mind, I hate it when it happens at night cause those are sleepless nights.

3. After brainstorming & deciding my direction, I pull all my items that I'll need for the space. I usually will pull more than I need, cause sometimes I will need to tweak something that just didn't work out.

4. I will pile all my items on the dining room table & on the floor. That's my go to room. I like everything to be seen so I can just grab.

5. Next I take down all the items in the area that I'll be working in. I wipe all the pieces down good with vinegar so they'll be ready for their next use.

6. I start layering the pieces to create dimension. I start with the largest piece & work my way down to the littlest piece. The smaller the item is usually what I call filler pieces. Their purpose it to cover holes or gaps. The biggest piece will determine how I'll be layering all the pieces together, which means will the creation be in the center, left or right.

7. Take pictures!! I take pictures as I go to see how it's looking in picture VS. real life. Especially if your background is a mirror.

8. Once I like how my creation turned out, I lite all the candles if I used them in the creation. It brings it to life.

9. Now I take my final pictures. I play around with lighting & natural lighting to find the best shot.

10. Ready set go... & I post my creation for ya'll to see it!!

Okay, now on to the spaces that I create. So as much as I love my home, I just can't create every area too time consuming & my mind would just burst lol. So the spaces that I don't create are pretty much my essential spaces that will remain the same throughout the year, until Christmas! So the 5 spaces that I create are....

1. Coffee table

2. Shelf in the living room

3. Dining table

4. Side dining room table ( Walmart table)

5. Kitchen Farmhouse shelves

Yup those are the areas in my home that are always changing with all my creating ideas. I hope ya'll enjoyed this post & will help you on your next creation. I'd love to know if this helps you, so leave me a comment, heart or an email!!

Well that's it for today's post!!

Be Healthy!!



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