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How To Create A Fall & Halloween Tablescape

Spooky season has arrived at Country Chic Homes, with fall still being very present. Would I let fall go so quickly? NOPE, I love fall too much.

In today's blog post, I will share with you how to create a tablescape that has both Halloween & fall combined, a Falloween tablescape!
As Halloween is just around the corner & fall is in full swing here at CCH, I am not one to solely decorate for Halloween, so I add a few touches of Halloween with our fall decor. Creating a tablescape that brings in the two is easy to do with the correct elements & balance of both. It's about the mood one makes at the table that will have your guests feeling cozy & enjoying both the season & holiday.

Halloween Fall Tablescape Moody decor

I kept with our vintage, boho, romantic, & layers upon layers setting & brought in both fall & Halloween. As for the table runner, I used black mesh, typically used for spider webs or cobwebs. Since it's on the thicker side, It serves as a great table runner & gives so much texture to the table, but as its fabric, it also has a cozy vibe. I kept with black being the primary color as it pretty much is the color of Halloween. It just goes hand in hand. For the center of the table, I wanted it to spread to the entire length of the table. So, I placed four settings, two on each side & kept the ends clear to have the table runner run down the middle to hang over the table. I set my cloche filled with white mini pumpkins. Yes, they are still present & most likely will stay through the entire season; they're too pretty in the cloche to put away. Since the pumpkins are white & the riser is a cream color, it balances out the table from all the black. On one end, I added one of the busts I used previously for a fall outdoor tablescape. It is filled with fall foliage & with the pheasant feathers having strips of black & the foliage being in moody brown fall colors. It fits perfectly. & being cement, it gives weight to that end of the table. With two focal centerpieces, I needed to create ground balance with items not as heavy as the focal centerpieces but within the same height. What better way to do this than with candles? I used all black candle holders, metal & in black velvet. Both are very fitting & adding two different elements adds more to the table in dimension & gives it character. It's still similar in color. Black pillar candles were added to each holder, keeping it monochromatic & sleek with shiny wax. As for the table settings, I used my black charger plates & placed white ironstone plates on each one. I put a beautiful grey napkin in a shade of gunmetal; the contrast between the black & the napkin was very fitting to break up some of the black hues. I could have gone with silverware to continue with the Halloween moody theme, but instead, I brought in gold to add that pop of brightness to the table, bringing in the fall foliage. Black hobnail glassware was placed next to each setting, with sweet orange pumpkins inside each one.

TIPS For A Falloween Tablescape

  1. Balance! equal balance of fall & Halloween decor.

  2. Set the mood by one color for Halloween. Mine is black. Doing this will keep the table looking clean & sleek.

  3. Accent colors. I went with fall colors, browns & neutrals with a touch of orange.

  4. Use different textures & elements to create a pattern & that cozy vibe that we love so much!

  5. Pull from your centerpieces to your table settings will continue a continuous flow throughout your table.

& that's it! Our first Halloween tablescape of the season! More to come; we're just getting started!

I'd love to know what you think, drop a comment below & how do you decorate for Halloween, fall or Falloween?

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Thank you for a beautiful week!

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