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How To Elevate A Tablescape, A Fall Table

Attention to detail is key when styling or planning any tablescape. It automatically shows the love that you had in choosing every detail & will make your guest feel welcome at your table.

We all love a well-styled table, from the dinnerware, glassware, centerpieces & linens. But there's more than picking out each piece. The one small word we may have yet to think of "placement." In pasts posts, I have talked about the placement of your centerpiece to create a moving table & to have it flow with your guests. The placement of the dinnerware has been discussed before; here at CCH, I have two places where I prefer to place tableware, such as placed at each seating or stacked on the table, creating a farmhouse community table. Then there is the tablecloth or, in this case, the runner.

fall decor table decor

The cascading table runner is a signature here at Country Chic Homes. You have seen it over & over throughout the years. It is one of my favorites to do & style with. There is a way that I love to showcase it; I just don't lay it down; I work with the fabric. Using silky velvet is the best to work with as it has so much texture & is still lightweight where it doesn't wear down & you lose the movement of the fabric. Available in all colors that you can think of! I go to our local fabric store & to get the right length; I double the length of the table. You want to have plenty as you want to have enough on each side & along the table. A tip that I use to hold the fabric in place on the sides I place glass votives underneath the fabric, it also adds dimension to the fabric.

table runner holiday

silky velvet fabric table runner

When you choose to have your table runner run down the sides, remember that you lost two seating areas. If you have a table that extends, bring out the leaves & use the extra space for seating. Take into account the length of the fabric that you will then need once you have extended your table.

If you want to do this with a tablecloth, I have used in previous tables a drop cloth. I get the largest one out there for my tables. I then place a tablecloth on top if I want to add softness to the drop cloth, but I still get the effect of the extra length.

I finally finished the three-part tablescapes, dinnerware, glassware & linens series. I have linked them below for you to read & gather tips you can incorporate into your next table.

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