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IG Squares

Hey Guy's!! What a wonderful week on the IG & for creating! I received so many sweet comments & DM's from so many of you! It totally warms my heart knowing that I have encouraged you in creating in your home. I'll always say it, your'e making my dream's come to reality!! For that, I am forever grateful. So for today's blog post, I'll cover Tuesday - Friday's square's & give you some creating deets that went into each one. Let's start....


I shared my sweet friend Kelly from Farm To Table Creations, her amazing Sweet Summer Time pillow cover with that sweet lemon is perfect for your Summer time creation's & is currently on SALE. You can create with it on your couch or bed or as I have is here on one of my dining room chairs. I placed a white ruffled quilt from Marshall's, a basket from the dollar spot at Target.. oh Target how I miss you, a section white platter with a sweet rooster on top all tied in with some fresh lemons! You'll see in this picture something that you couldn't see on the square, due to cropping is my vintage wood crate filled with goodies! I seriously enjoyed taking pictures of this creation with the beaming thru the window.. TIP: Always try different lighting with your pictures. I have my drop cloth curtains & blinds, I play around with both on what gives me the best lighting. Turn on the lights oh & if you have an open floor plan try doing the same thing on the other side of the room, I do that since my living room & dining room are kind of one room. So TIP is.. play around with lighting, natural & lights.



Okay can we just look at this square for a bit & look at those pillows from With Lavender & Grace Vintage & 3 Stripe grain sacks are just absolutely beautiful! The quality of these pillow covers are so good, soft, vintage & all of Country Chic Homes VIBE!! The focus it pretty much those 2 pillow covers as I am so happy to be doing a collaboration With Lavender & Grace. Use my link to receive 10% OFF CCH10 at check out. I'll chat about the coffee table creation once I show it off, but as you can see it's pretty simple to create & beautiful!.



OMGEEE!! This Walmart table is one of my best purchases this year or wait late last year haha! I can create so much with it. Once I received it, I kinda was re-thinking it cause I only had one real shelf to create on.. But nope not how I create. I create multiple creations in one space. I talk about this in every IG Posts here on the blog. So TIP: I don't center in the middle of my space, I create multiple creations in once space but they all tie into one another. Okay so on this side, I have a metal can from Home Goods, it's so functional & I can use it in so many ways. 1st Creation I have 3 olive branches from Walmart inside of the can. 2nd Creation my metal tool box with my vintage rolling pins one from a local antique shop & 2 from Antique Market Decor, I also have a sweet gift from my friend Christine at Shutter Tree Photography. BTW she has a new website!! How exciting is that, so click on the link to check out her new prints & of course her Farmhouse style one's ( that's my definition of her older prints). Tell her I said HELLO! You get a glimpse of what's next to come on the other side, so let's jump to Friday's square...



..Continuing on my Walmart table, I have about 5 white dinner plates from Dollar Store!! Cause they're perfect! That cute sectional white platter with the rooster on top, my fern that I am trying so hard to bring back to life, I found it on FaceBook Marketplace. I have it inside of a crock on top of a riser. In front I have my farmhouse sign from my good friend over at Charlie James & Co. I really hope ya'll have headed over to her shop cause she has the most beautiful inventory & currently everything is 30% OFF & FREE SHIPPING!! Guy's it doesn't get better than that! For this creation I choose Family Makes A Home... Ya''ll that is so true!! Read my IG post about what that means to m. So that's the top of the table, one space 3 total creations..TIP


Okay Guy's that it for the squares! I hope ya'll enjoy them as much as I do. Don't forget to check out the new page here on the blog.. Shop My Instagram. So, to close this post... Tomorrow is my sweet pea's 9th birthday!! My sweet boy Pepper ya'll know how much I love him, so tomorrow he'll be even more spoiled, like if that's even possible. So look out for some cuteness on IG! Sunday is Mother's Day, I know it may be different for many of us, but we're in this together. Show love in any way that you can to the Mother's in your life...

Happy Mother's Day from my Family & I!



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