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It's All In The Garland 

Hey Guy's!!!

I'm so excited to show y'all such a simple garland that I have through out our home. It's the Paper Garland!! Super easy to do & it add's so much texture, dimension & it's DIY fun! I literally create these while watching my favorite show & knock out a few in an evening. So let me tell you the simple deets on creating these, so you can get to doing them.

Here's what you need:

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Blunt Needle


Book Pages

Wood Bead (optional)

How to create:

  • Thread your twine DO NOT CUT off ball

  • String in wood bead if you're going to use, bot needed but adds a little something to the ends

  • Start stringing your pages, do about ten folded in half & about 7 flat, rotating that as many times as you want. Pretty much as long as you want your garland

  • String your bead to finish garland, again if you're using beads, If you're not using bead's knot end

  • Leave as much twine at each end as you would like & cut off

That's it y'all!! Super easy & fast to do!! So start creating your Garland's & show me!!

Till Our Next DIY :)

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