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& it's Fall again

We took a Fall break last week as we focused on Halloween Vibes here at Country Chic Homes. This week we're returning to my favorite season of Fall.

This week at CCH, I will be sharing Fall inspiration on Insta, Pinterest, LTK & of course, here. Except for Tuesday, I will be sharing Christmas vibes. I have partnered with my friend Rosana from Nest of Petals. Her handmade items are gorgeous. Rosana has a collection for every season & then some. I, of course, wanted to partner with her on some of her Christmas items. Luckily enough, they arrived yesterday & I already have an idea of how I will style them, so tune in on Tuesday. She has been so kind as to give me a discount code; COUNTRYCHIC10 will provide you with 10% OFF your purchase. A discount is a perfect way to start your collection of her handmade items. You can also find Rosana on Instagram at NestofPetals

I have focused on all areas I usually share, but I have one space I have never shared before. I have shared it as a furniture piece but never styled it for any specific reason, nor did I ever plan to. I felt the space wasn't " worthy" of sharing at these angles until recently, my dear friend Vivian, CEO & Editor of Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine. Through our emails, we discussed sharing my home; I was frightened of the idea since the house was built in 2005. It has no character whatsoever. I see it as just a house. I have had many views; if this was my home, what I would do to it to bring it to that old-world vibe that I love & that you see in my styling. I am very grateful to have our home; I would like it to be just a tad older. I decided after our conversation to challenge myself & create what I feel are my most fabulous creations, a tablescape. I am so happy that I did! Please make sure you see my reels tomorrow as I will be sharing probably one of my favorite tables that I have created. I haven't mentioned the space, but it is in a room we all have in our homes. Regardless if you rent our own, we all have one. To see the tablescape in this new space, head over tomorrow at 5 PM PST to my Insta.

I approved my Newsletter template & Instagram story template today, and I can't wait to share them with you. I will send out a weekly Newsletter every Wednesday, which will be short & brief. You do not want to miss these, as I will include important dates coming to CCH. I also will add deets that I can't wait to chat to you about in a post on Monday & Friday'sFirday & occasionally on a Saturday. I don't want to overwhelm you, so I think you can handle three days of me dropping into your email inbox.

Today I scored some unique pieces at our local flea market & an antique fair. I found some staple pieces that I can use all year round. That is always my intention when buying items. I want to be able to use it all year round & that I know that I will be using it frequently. I'll list below the items I purchased today (click here to view them). I passed on a few things too. They would have been more impulse items. One was a Jadeite Pepper shaker, I only loved it cause it said PEPPER, but the shaker is more of a retro style with its silver cap. A metal cloche with a fleur de lis on top, I could have purchased it as I had an idea what I could use it for, for Christmas. I couldn't find the booth owner & when we were leaving, I saw that she was back, but it was at the last flea market & honestly, I was too tired to walk all the back. An item that I do regret not getting was a stack of Jadeite plates! I wanted them, but the price was unclear & once again, there was no owner at the booth. Before we left the market, I glanced over & they were gone. I could have used those for a Christmas tablescape, but it's okay, as I did find some fantastic pieces today.

I look forward to spending another week with you & for all the encouragement you give me; it means more than you'll ever know! Many of you are creators, too & I most likely follow you too. If I am not, drop your IG handle below & I'll find you as I want to see what you have been up to in creating. Also, tell me below what your favorite season & favorite space to style is. I will edit pictures for the rest of the evening; I love what I do.

Have a wonderful week ahead & create cozy spaces!!


P.S. Don't forget to share this post & CCH with your family & friends!

My Latest Loves!

Milk Glass Vase

Ironstone Grape Mold

Brown Transferware Plate & Platter Set

Copper Boiler Tub

Vintage Sled

& A Large 3 Wick Candle

Nest Of Petal

Merry & Bright (tap to shop)

Gingerbread Garland (tap to shop)

Items that I would love to have. Jadeite plates.

A Fall mantle at CCH. With a French Country Vibe
My Favorite Quote

"I am so glad that in a world where there are Octobers"

~ Anne of Green Gables

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