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Jack ~ O ~ Lantern

What is Halloween without one Jack ~ O ~ Lantern or two or three? Halloween hasn't been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember, It was always a holiday that would make me sick to my stomach as a child, I would stay home or run back home even if I was a few blocks away. The spookiness of the holiday somehow just didn't go with my vibe or well-being for that matter LOL. I don't even think as a teenager I ever found it fun enough to go out with friends, yup I preferred to stay home. I wouldn't even give out candy. I think it was until later in life when I had children of my own, I started to go out, for their sake as they could gather candy. As they grew older, I reverted to my old ways & would just stay in.

I never got into decorating, haha I think I just stuck to Fall decor the entire season. When I entered the world of Instagram a few years ago, I realized that I needed to start to at least decorate & throw up a cobweb or two. I honestly don't remember what I did, I think it was just a few cobwebs around a door frame & shared it proudly on the gram. I continued that vibe the following year but went a little more. I'll link a few posts below, to see the Jack ~ O ~ Lantern DIY (click here). Jumping to this year, I felt the need to do more, haha so I brought in more cobwebs & more black crows. The crows look so real, kind of creepy looking if you walk into a room where the light is off, I have to do a double take. The bats that I placed above the mirror in our living room too, at this point I have no idea who I am anymore! Witches' hats & their brooms have made their way to Country Chic Homes & landed in our kitchen. I will say if I am going with the vibe of decorating for Halloween, it's going to be realistic & classy with my French rustic vibe.

The joy of decal stickers! I saw these Jack ~ O ~ Lantern decals & knew I wanted them back in July! I knew I wasn't going to put them on pumpkins or on a window, but on vintage pails. I gathered a few that I had; oh, we have them in stock in the shop! Great for all year round, I can see Christmas trees in them too! Okay back to how I styled our dining table. I used one of my loyal cobwebs as a table runner & placed the 3 pails in the center. To give it a romantic vibe, I placed a black pillar candle in each one & scattered a few black votives. The black candles give a moody spooky vibe. Of course, I brought in a black chunky knit throw & placed it over one of our chairs. A sweet spooky centerpiece & is quick & easy to do!

As you can see in the above photo a close-up of how loved our dining table is loved & getting well used. I am letting it be well-loved by us & create memories that we will remember. I found it over on FBMP & the lady that sold it to me had taken good care of it. I felt bad telling her that I wasn't going to cover it with the covers she had given me as we were leaving her home. I knew I wasn't going to worry about if we scratched it or left a watermark or any mark for that matter. I want the markings to tell a story of those who loved it & shared many memories & during the time that we have had it, there have been so many memories shared. So, as you may know tablescapes are my favorite to create you will see more scratches & marks every time.

Even Pepper is like, "mom what is going on?"

For all the items that I used, I will link my Amazon Store Front & My LTK that has all the items & links in once place.

Thank you so much & Happy Halloween Season!

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