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Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine

Have you ever had a dream so big that you didn't know how you would make it come to reality? Well, I did & it came true.

I'll start by saying that I didn't even know how to title this post; I wanted to yell it out with every happy emoji! To say that I am excited, overwhelmed & feel like the luckiest person in the world & walking on cloud nine for the past few weeks would be an understatement. Okay, let me tell you what occurred a few weeks ago.

I am honored to be part of Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine as a content creator. We will start to see my creations in the spring of 2023. How did this come true? I have been working so hard on my content, how I take pictures, how I style spaces & most of all, believing in myself that my dream is worthy of becoming a reality.

Magazines work in a particular way; they work one year in advance. So I have been busy creating content for us now & for next year too. I am not tired; there need to be more hours in the day to finish everything I want to do. I have styled Fall & Christmas for next year for the magazine & a few that I will share with you next year too. My mind is & has always been thinking of ideas & now I have the opportunity to share more of CCH & do what I love to do, create cozy spaces!

Jeanne d' Arc Living, I'll start by saying that I have been an admirer of the magazine since I first laid eyes on it many moons ago. I mentioned before in my blog post that I will link below that this magazine speaks to me & I can relate to every issue, every page & every picture.

Jeanne d' Arc Living is a small independent publisher. It is a lifestyle magazine that is a cozy European Country Style. It is published in EU/US/Canada & more. Inside the magazine, you will see beautiful homes, DIY projects, flower arrangements, food recipes & vintage finds. I know this is my vibe in California! The magazine is released every six weeks & from time to time, a special edition is published, or a book is usually around Christmas. All who are part of the magazine are passionate about style, details & the beauty of every space created. All the inspiration you will see will leave you waiting for the next issue to be released. & that is why it is such an honor to say that I am truly blessed to be a part of Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine. I will link the Instagram & website to the magazine below.

I learned quickly to find balance in all that I am doing. One main thing is creating a list of styles/creations I want to do within the current season for the present time & next year. It helps me stay organized & faithful to my vibe of styling. Another is posting on Insta in the evening vs. the morning. I give myself some time to engage with you on Insta in the evening instead of in the morning & being rushed, as I have a "regular" full-time job. Now I can engage & search for you & see what you're styling. I jump on CCH in the early night to start any blog posts & add pictures to the home page from that day. I want to stay current across all CCH platforms. It makes it easy for me & accessible for you too. Styling, I am always styling a space, either a vignette or an entire room. Since I work until noon a few days out of the week, I choose one day to style & the other day to take pictures & videos. Of course, there are a billion other things that I do for CCH, my family & myself & I juggle them as they come. I am blessed to have a supported family that allows me the time to get certain parts of CCH done promptly. When you have a dream as big as mine, you make it work! Remember that photo that I framed in my office? "Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do" well, boo, that is the truth!

I always end every post with "thank you," either here or on Insta. I am grateful to each & every one of you for believing in me, encouraging me & most of all, for being here every day with me. But this is what it does; it made my dream a reality. Without you, I'd have no one to share with, no one to chat with & most of all, my dream would still be a dream. We're a team & I work for you to give you the best inspiration that Country Chic Homes offers. So once again, THANK YOU!!!



Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine

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