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Keeping It Simple During A Crisis

Hey Guy's!!

How are ya'll doing? God I pray that all of you & your loved ones are corona virus free!!! We are facing some hard & scary times for all of us, we're definitely in this all together & I love all the support I am seeing & receiving. We have to keep it up & stay focus as hard as this may be to kick this thing in the butt & outta here!! So if you can PLEASE PLEASE stay HOME. Okay I got that out of my system, now on to creating!!

All right so one thing I did this week after having a hard weekend of being cooped up at home, is I needed to have this week's creation;s be clean & crisp. I need to have space for playing cards, dominoes, the popcorn bowl & just to be free of having too much. Yes!! usually I like more is more vibe, the more the better, more texture's the better the creation. But for now, I'm keeping creations simple & absolutely still beautiful to me & my family. So let me break it down to you.. Although I didn't add my Walmart table creation or my kitchen shelves to this post as I haven't shared them with ya'll on good ol' IG until next week!! Sorry boo's you gotta wait. Okay so here's what I got so far...

Okay here's my Walmart table from last week that started the simple vibe. & yes if you look closely you'll see my printer.. Real Life ya'll!! So I kept it simple with my glass bottles, you can find these at TJmaxx or Marshall's they usually come in a caddy. Well if you don't have these or something similar, ya'll are going to have wait a bit. I love my Dollar Tree tapers. I kept my glass jug also a Marshall's find with my Michael's Spring florals. On the the other side I have my candle from Charlie James & Co. If you haven't checked out their site, you have too!! Okay on to the next...

For the dinning table, I took away the 3 tiered tray & just placed my terra cotta pots inside one another with some of my lovely faux plants. Of course I left my cute little bird that I found at Marshall's. Everything is nicely placed inside my wood tray that I absolutely love!! Simple & perfect.. Last but not least is my creation for that I shared on IG with ya'll on Monday evening, cause ya'll know I'm part of #beautifuldecorstyles.

OMGEEEE!! Isn't my Highland cow just so handsome & adorable??!! Since posting him on Monday evening, I have received so many comments & where did I get him at! He's definitely one of a kind, I found him at my favorite local shop Rococo Mercato. I styled him with my 3 candlesticks that I purchased at Kirkland's & a simple stack of book's wrapped with my ribbon from Charlie James & Co.

That's it ya'll!! simple but beautiful & still in Country Chic Homes style. I hope ya'll will find some inspiration in my creation's, I love it when you do, so like always, let me know!!

Thank you so so much!!! I appreciate ya'll so very much & again, for making my dreams a reality.

Be safe & healthy!!



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