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Let me introduce myself

Hey Guy's!!

Well my first blog post was a Welcome to the blog & a little bit about me. It was more of my goals for CCH & what I do. So we can possibly have a connection & you can relate to me, I want to introduce myself to ya'll.

Hi! I'm Ali short for Alicia :) born & raised in Sonoma County, CA. Northern Cali. I've lived here all of my 41 almost 42 years of life. I am lucky to say my 2 boys are also born & raised in my hometown too. I have a 22 & 20 yr old young adult men, that I pray that I have raised them to be the best they can be & always dream but most of all make their dreams a reality. They are on their own & as hard as it was, it was the best as now we have a total different relationship & I see them as individuals.. I still give my 2 cents, I have too I'm their mother. I also have who I call the love of my life, Pepper a 7 or 8 year old yorkie that we adopted 3 years ago. I truly want to give him the best life ever & love him everyday more & more. My BF joined Pepper & us about 2.5 years ago. It definitely has been a true blessing to have all these wonderful souls part of my little family, I couldn't do life with out them.

So why did I become a creator & start my business? I have been a medical assistant for over 7 years, after having hand/thumb surgery 11 months ago I developed CRPS. What turned into 4-6 weeks of staying home to recover, was rapidly turning into not knowing. Since I have always loved decorating & all my homes have always been amazing... it was time that I start my business on Instagram with my Stamped Paperback Books. I wanted to share my home creations & DIY's too, so I just went with it & here I am now hoping & praying for a successful blog too. So thank you for helping me make my dreams into a reality! Other things that bring me peace besides creating, cooking & presentation, outdoors, being near water & my home all make my soul happy.

I have a lot that I want to do in 2020 within myself, my family & as a business woman, so definitely keep watching me on IG & subscribe to my blog. I'd love to have you along my journey!

Reach for the stars but conquer the galaxy!!


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