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Hey Guy's!!!

It feels like a lifetime that I've chatted with ya'll here! Maybe not a lifetime haha but, definitely way too long.

I've been busy here at Country Chic Homes getting things ready for the upcoming season... Christmas!!! I know we have still ways to go for the big day but, creating, well decking the halls begins way in advance. I've been planning it all in my mind since July, from what kinda tree we'll have & from where. But that's not the only thing that I've have been up to. Last week we had our 1st Sale Day over on the gram & y'all rocked it & showed so much love! After figuring out sale tactics & what would be the best for you & well me, I've decided to blend the 2. Creating & our Curated pieces. I'll be creating with the pieces that are up for Sale & share them in stories as well. Let's be real, we gotta move pieces to get new pieces in. Also, I've been working on adding a "Shop" tab here on the blog. Why not? I have all the means to get this part of CCH going that I need to utilize every outlet possible. So please bare with me as my original plan, well is kinda a no go. I am excited to bring ya'll the very best. I might be bringing in some new curated pieces too & have a blend of vintage & new. More to come...

I'm working on a few huge blog posts for the holidays, some are in motion & some are still being created in my mind. All is looking amazing!!!

#thursdaytablescapeinspo is growing & being welcomed by so many on IG & I couldn't be more grateful. I even brought on a co-host Tonya! I am so excited to have her join as she is amazingly talented & a heart of gold. So definitely head on over & give her a follow.

Lasty, I've been finalizing some new collabs, either with new companies or collaborating on creating some new pieces.

Later this week I'll be sending out a blog post "A Country Chic Homes Christmas" that'll give you some insight on what CCH vibe will be. So definitely stick around, ya'll will love it.

Thank you so much for being here with me!!! I look forward to everyday with you



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