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Let's Paint

Hey Guy's!!

So have you ever bought something & you just weren't feeling the color? Well I definitely have. It took me awhile to realize that I could paint pretty much anything to Linen White, now when I see something & I know I can fix it with chalk paint. Although, I don't see me ever painting anything vintage, I feel that I would loose the vintage vibe.

I shared with you on Instagram some metal flower cans that I had purchased at Michael's. They were to shiny & too new, so why not paint them? I did just that & I gave them the Country Chic Homes vibe. I left the inside as is & they turned out great!

We use the Rust-Oleum in Linen White on pretty much everything here at CCH. On these I only used one coat, as chalk paint goes a long way. I didn't sand any parts down & the metal still shows through in certain areas. I'm hoping over time they'll age in their own way. I'm excited to use these now more often & I'm sure that they'll be popping up on your feed too.

Thank you for stopping by & seeing a quick DIY. If you've painted something quick before to have it feel like you home, let me know!

Happy Friday!!


Country Chic Homes Farmhouse Decor

Simple Kitchen Creation, with our new secured peg rail. I added our vintage bread boards, layered them up to give more texture & dimension. In the flower can I added my pear stems to give this space a Fall transition vibe. I can easily switch out the stems as the season changes or remove the can & just display our boards.

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