• Ali

Look What Just Landed

Updated: Sep 29

Halloween vibes have arrived at CCH & the witches just landed. They hung their brooms & are taking a break before the next full moon.

Hehe just kidding! I created a simple space in our kitchen using just three items, spider webs, witches' hats & cinnamon brooms. Also making their appearance is the black crow. They have been at CCH for the past few years for Halloween. The brooms that I used are from Trader Joe's. I will say they smell very good, the cinnamon brooms are a perfect touch & I will be able to use them all through Fall. I think we still have the one from last year on our porch. It comes in handy when we need to do a quick sweep.

A simple Halloween style that literally took only seconds to do & under $20. I'll link the items below, but of course, any broom or black sheet will do & we all have a witch hat hidden in our closets.

Have a wonderful week & we'll be chatting some more soon!


Spider web

Witches hat

Cinnamon broom (Trader Joe's) another option to choose from



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