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Mantel & Books

Hey Guy's!!

Hump Day & chatting about books & mantels. If you've been around Country Chic Homes for awhile, you'll notice that we have lot's of books around & they tend to make their way into creations. They are a very inexpensive way to create with & can be used as risers to give height to another piece. In today's IG post I shared with ya'll a mantel refresh & a new piece above our bed. So let's chat some deet's.

On the mantel I wanted it to be simple & clean as we're heading into Fall & creations soon will be changing & being oh so sweet with pumpkin galore & all the Fall yummies. I knew this creation with be oh so simple & why not use books, something I love. I just wanted them stacked different way & each book would give their own vibe. These aren't vintage books or old, they're just Goodwill books that I have distressed them myself, I think we'll do a DIY post on how I like to distress my books. I use to stamp them & sell them on Etsy, but with our Goodwill still being closed, I've kinda have had to close up shop a bit. But I'll show you later on how to distress & so easy to stamp. Anyway's back to the deet's after I stacked the books, I added milk bottles that I had found at the Dollar Tree & placed my sweet tapers, a wood architectural piece, a vintage brush & finally a wood bead garland!

Above the bed I have a sweet artwork piece that a friend created for us!! A canvass paint that is so beautiful, I can't even explain all the deet's in this piece. I love having pieces that are made just for us.

Thank you so much for being here with me today, Country Chic Homes is defiantly one of many dreams coming true. Now back to my orange slices that I have in the oven for our DIY Fall Garland. Have an amazing day & check out all our pages here!!



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