• Ali

Merry Christmas Eve

A Christmas Eve post before all the hustle & bustle of Christmas joy.

Another Christmas in the books for Country Chic Homes & I am grateful to each & everyone one of you for allowing me to share my home with you this season.

Here at Country Chic Homes the Eve of Christmas will be quiet with some baking & the joy of my all my kids at home. Tomorrow on Christmas morning some will join for a quick & easy bagel breakfast followed by lunch a new for us here. Before we would make a huge breakfast but with the kids work schedules we've decided that lunch would be better. As long as their bellies are full my heart is full.

My Christmas wish for you, find peace with what has troubled you, find joy in all things, find love where once was difficult & most of all me merry & bright that it all falls into place.

Merry Christmas To All & To All A Good Night!




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