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Mirror Mirror...

Updated: Oct 1

Recently I decided that I wanted to share all things that I love & not only share home decor. I am the person behind CCH & I love so many things that why not share them with you & embrace all my passions?

So as I have slowly crept into the world of sharing what I call "my vibe" lifestyle | beauty | and fashion. I find myself in front of the mirror that I have had for such a long time. It was a brushed silver & I decided to add some Rub n Buff to have it fit in with the aesthetic of my home. It helped some, but the simple metal frame needed more. I love garlands & especially around mirrors, so why not add a garland to it? I had done that style previously a few Christmas ago when I had the English Garden theme. But I didn't want it to be with the faux garlands & I had just recently sold all the garlands on FBMP. So I went onto Etsy & found this shop that had exactly what I was looking for. I looked through her shop & I saw many styles that I loved. When I came across the Seeded Eucalyptus & Silver Dollar I was sold. The colors are perfect for Fall & the mix of both creates such a beautiful texture. It's all about the layering for me. It is available in many lengths. I had originally ordered a 6' & once I received it, I needed it longer. I ordered a 3' to complete the length. Once it is ready to ship, it is shipped in two days. The garland is fresh once received. After a few days, it starts to dry beautifully. I will have it around the entire season of Fall.

Oh when I received the second one, it was super easy to attach it to the first garland. I used one zip tie to secure it.

I hope you enjoy all that I am starting to share, it feels right to me & I am loving every bit of it.





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