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Monday Hashtag

Hey Guy's!!

Let's go right in & chat about last night's IG post!! Thank you so much for all your support... I truly have the best peeps WHOOP WHOOP!! So, for my post I decided to create a Spring / Easter vibe on my dining room side table. As ya'll can see I don't really center my pieces too much & create kinda evenly trough out the space. So for my creation I have 2 vignettes going but go hand in hand all together but are perfect alone as well. Let me break it down to you...

On the left, I created my candle vignette. I used my rustic wood tray / box & placed new & vintage clear bottles with tapper candles, a set of distressed stacked book's, a faux leaf that literally had fallen from one of my floral stems & this great half chicken wire cloche that I took off from a wood bucket that I wasn't feeling the vibe.

On the right, I have my favorite runner from my sweet friend Bethany at Head on over to her shop she has some amazing hand made item's... tell her I said HI!! A set of stamped stacked books, a vase that I have no idea where I picked it up at filled with Spring florals from Michaels & the handsome bunny from Pottery Barn, if you haven't checked these bunnies out OMGEE!! You have too, they're so adorable & affordable.

That's it Guy's!! Remember my tip... if you don't center in the middle you can get a few vignettes in one creation, just don't over do it so they look amazing together & not all thrown together & that all the pieces go well together.

Okay now on to creating another creation!!

Be Well & stay Healthy!!



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