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Monday Night Post

Hey Guy's!!

Happy Monday & New Week!! I hope ya'll are staying healthy!!

So let's dive right in, shall we??.. So on Monday night's I post my IG post later than normal. I post at 5pm Cali time. I post with a hashtag group of amazing wonderful IG accounts, so definitely check out the # page to see all the amazing post's. If you have a decor account feel free to send me a DM on IG & I'll help you out on joining the group

For today I shared my farmhouse shelves that I have in my kitchen. I absolutely love styling these shelves, it brings life to my kitchen. This week I stayed with whites & wood's. I have pieces that I already had, vintage & new. I would love to start collecting ironestone but I haven't had any luck finding any pieces at my local stores or on Facebook Marketplace. So I have collected along the way white ceramic pieces that work perfectly. I like using odd number's when I can, it just works for my creation's. I have different textures & height in my pieces to keep dimensions. If you're working with a set, break it up in your creation, like I have with with the 3 topiaries from QVC. They are great & don't look fake at all, I'm very happy that I decided on getting them. Currently they're on easy pat too!, I wanted to use all 3 but I didn't place them side by side, it's also a good way to keep the eye moving around. It also pull's your creation together by doing so. I also did this with my 2 jars from Big Lot's, they're the same jar just different size. I kept the wood pieces in all 3 shelves to add color depth, you can keep everything white by adding more white dishes, but I choose to keep my rolling pin collection, so I needed to continue the wood in all the shelves.

I love how every piece went with well all together. You can easily do this if you have the space to do so, just by keeping my key tip's in mind, You can use any color scheme too! Let me know your thought by posting a comment below.& email me with your pictures so I can share on my IG stories.


1. Break up any collections through out your creation.

2. Create depth by having different height's.. don't have piece's of the same height next to one another. It'll look like a wall.

3. Create dimensions by having different textures, colors or elements.

Okay ya'll so I hope you enjoy this post, let me know!! Have an AMAZING week!!



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