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Monday on the Gram

Hey Guy's!! OMGEEE June 1st so crazy! These months are flying by!!

Hopefully ya'll have seen the post for tonight's hashtag #beautifuldecorstyles. I shared my favorite Farmhouse Kitchen Shelves. So let's get right into all the deets!

Top Shelf:

I have my vintage bottle that I found on Facebook Marketplace, they came in a set of 4. I wanted some green to this creation, so I added my Hanging Branch from Afloral, they are still in stock & on SALE, I'm thinking of ordering some more as they're so easy to create with & like the color of them too. A crock with my vintage mashers & rolling pins in the middle. A few of my ironstone platters stacked, great find at an estate sale that I went back the following day to buy them all.

Middle Shelf:

Ironstone bowls stacked, another of my vintage glass bottles with another Hanging Branch. A few ironstone plates stacked with a kitchen linen towel placed inside & draped over.


You can't really see too much of the shelf, but I have my vintage wired basket with a few of my rolling pins.


Farmhouse sign from Hobby Lobby & Fab Fit Fun Felt Board. Both are out of stock. But I have found some similar one's & have them linked.

Farmhouse Sign

Felt Board

My creation has repeating elements, wood, glass, ironstone & greenery. The item's on each shelf are similar or even the same, but the way I have them placed it's not noticeable as each shelf flows together & each shelf is it's own creation. There is a lot of piece's but the way I have styled them it makes it look simple, clean & elegant. I have included a full picture with my cutting boards & colanders that I shared with you today on my stories so you can have a full view of this space.

TIP: Have 3 to 4 elements in each creation, that you'll use to create with & use through out.

TIP: Even though I have many ironstone dishes, I only placed a few out. Reason is to have the space feel light & airy. Ironstone is a heavy element, so my plan is when I create with them is to keep it light. But when they're placed where I am going to store them, It'll give a different vibe of all ironstone. You get what I am saying? Go light with heavier pieces in creation's

Well Guy's that's it, that's how I created my shelves. I hope ya'll enjoy the tip & let me know whatcha think. Again, thank you so much for all your love & support!! It means the world to me!!




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