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More Cozy Throws

Hey Guy's!!!

Can one home have ever enough throw blankets? Well I think not & here at Country Chic Homes we have tons of them. So I want to share with y'all the most recent ones that have trickled in. Of course at some point more will find their way here & I'll be share to let y'all know!

Oh so soft!! I seriously believe that this is the softest most cozt throw that we have in our home at the moment. So soft, silky, warm & oh the gorgeous texture. Shaggy faux fur on one side & on the other side you have plush sherpa fleece. This is an absolute buy!

Knit throw, is always a must they're gorgeous to just hang over a chair or tossed on your bed. Light weight makes it great for an all year round throw in any home.

Chunky knit throw, okay we all want one & we all need one. I love mine & I waited a long time to buy 1 & definitely worth the price. Soft to cozy up with & perfect for those Fall Cozy Days.

Okay, so this isn't a throw that you would cover yourself up with. You would use it as a throw for your sofa, chair or corner of your bed to give more texture & fluff. Perfect piece to have all year round. We have 2, one for decor & the other one for Pepper's side of the couch. Super affordable & comes in several sizes & color options.

Well there y'all go, kinda a quick throw post to give y'all some inspiration on buying your next throw. I absolutely love sharing all my finds & what we have here at Country Chic Homes. Have a great rest of the week!!

XO boo's


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