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New Logo

Branding... who would ever think that I would be branding Country Chic Homes. I just thought one day a few years ago that I needed a name to be on Instagram & since I'd be sharing my home decor with you & I love the country but chic of beauty... so it came to be Country Chic Homes, I seriously thought of dropping the "s" shortly after but I figured that if I inspired one person to style like I do, then the "s" was appropriate.

Let's fast forward to present day. CCH has a social media platform on IG, FB, Pinterest & recently TikTok & of course here countrychichomes.com. My previous logo was something that I created just off of word doc, I loved the font but it did nothing for CCH. I needed more use out of it. When I opened up my shop recently, I did go on Google & typed in free logos & pretty much just copied my word doc into the template & there it was. I loved it once again, but I was stuck once again. After doing some research on logo's & branding I decided it was time to get serious & have a logo that I would love & grow into & have the ability to use it in many different ways. I will say it can be pricey, but if you have a computer & have some type of tech skills you can do it. I researched a few consultants that I felt could offer me what I was looking for & I could do the work myself. I would just need them to walk me through the process. I knew I could do it & I would have the satisfaction that I did it myself & have access to my logo. I went with Nikki Arensman & she is fantastic! Once you buy a package from her you're good, I bought the least expensive deal & it totally works for me & gave me exactly what I needed. I have 3 logo's that I created, my main, my secondary & the 3rd one is for my email address & social media logos. I have the ability to make them as large or as small as I need to, of course depending on your logo that you choose. It's all about resolution & the pixels, something that I had no clue about & would have never learned if I had paid someone thousands of dollars for to do it for me. In the package I also have a media kit, I am currently adding to it so I'll be updating this post at a later date with it. A media kit pretty much sums up your business, I see it as a mood board. It has my fonts, my 3 logos, a colors & lastly inspiration photos. I'll be honest with you, that's the part I am stuck on is the inspirational photos. Haha I only have 5 spaces to add pictures, which is so hard to only choose 5. Besides the package that you choose, you'll need to have Canva. Some of the templates from my package were free to use, but certain items that I edited required the premium subscription through Canva. I upgraded to the premium as I only had the free access but with the free 14 day trial. I most likely will go back to the free version. All your items that you created are safe if you do choose to cancel. Just make sure you save them to canva & download them to your computer & your phone if you're like me.

I hope this gives you some insight on if you're wanting to brand your business. I know it's a lot of work, but I felt it was worth it for me to do.

Country Chic Homes, a name that was thought of with no idea of what I would be doing... & now I am living my dream & still dreaming of what's next to come. So stay tuned!





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