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New Year, New Thoughts

Hello 2022!! I hope you all had a wonderful time ringing in the new year. If you haven't read my NYE blog post. I'll attach it here. Let's jump in to what will be new here on the blog section of Country Chic Homes.

The biggest change will be I'll be writing a post once a week & it'll be sent out every Sunday evening. You know the drill, if you're subscribed it'll come into your email inbox the minute it's posted. Always fun to be the 1st to know, right?

In the blog post it'll have any new & exciting details that are happening with Country Chic Homes & of course some chit chat of how the week went. I'll also be including new items that launched over in the shop . I want to also include my latest finds if I have links to them to share with you.

Another post that I will be sending out weekly, will be mostly pictures that I didn't share over on Instagram. This past week I started posting reels instead of still photo. I have included pictures at the end of the reels to still give you some still shots. After truly thinking about it & chatting with some other creators on IG. IG definitely wants to see reels vs. still pictures. I'll be sharing share some photos on my stories more. Also, there's probably about 49583735 pictures that never make it onto to IG. I want to share as much inspiration as I can & the blog is the appropriate place to do so.

In the "big" weekly post I'll add the links to any new items & a brief description of the item. If I do a DIY which is hardly ever, I'll create it's own post on how & why I did do a DIY haha I am just not great at them. If I switch an entire space or refresh I'll create its own post with all the details

I look forward to connecting with you more here in 2022.

Tomorrow will be the 1st weekly post, so head on over to subscribe.

12 new chapters with 365 days of brand new opportunities, make each one remarkable.

~ Ali

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