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Nothing Beats Better Than Home Made

You know those surveys about , "What can you not live without?" pertaining to food. Well, I love tortilla chips! Yes, tortilla chips are so good, right?

Tortilla chips are my favorite snack; well, it's all of ours here a Country Chic Homes. It might be a bowl on our kitchen island or our table that pairs with our meal. Regardless we love a good chip & honestly, there is nothing better than homemade!

In today's post, I'll share my simple recipe for making your very own, down to the brand of tortillas & cooking oil. All you need is three simple ingredients you may already have in your pantry.

  1. Corn Tortillas

  2. Cooking Oil

  3. Kosher Salt, Coarse

For your tortillas, you want to use Guerrero corn tortillas; they fry the best & taste the best. They also have the best texture. Believe me, being Mexican; I can taste the difference. Now if you were not making chips & just wanted to have a delicious meal with corn tortillas, well, handmade is the way to go! But we'll leave that recipe to another post. For your cooking oil, I use Mazola corn oil. It fry's the best & adds a taste to the chips. It doesn't taste oily if that makes sense. Kosher salt, it's about the texture that the salt adds to the chips & oil & of course, the added taste. All three ingredients will leave you with the best tortilla chips & I assure you that you will be craving them all the time.

Time To Cook:

Place a large frying pan on your stove. Add your oil, add enough to have your tortillas completely covered to the top of the tortilla. Turn your stove to low heat. Add a TBSP of salt to your oil; this will give the oil more of the tortilla taste we love.

Stack about 5-7 tortillas & cut them; you can cut them into fours, creating triangles, or cut them into strips. If you cut them into strips, you can get twelve by cutting the tortillas down the middle.

Guerrero Torrtillas
Guerrero Tortillas

Tortilla chips
Tortilla Cut Into 12 Strips
Once you have cut all of your tortillas, you're ready to add them to the pan. Now you can turn up the stove to medium heat. You want the oil to be hot a tad bubbly. Once you add your first batch, the frying process is quick; You want to let them fry on onside (golden) & flip them to the other side. Once you flip, the second side goes faster. When the chip is a crisp golden brown, it's time to remove them from the pan. I like to use a ceramic platter with a paper towel on top. I place the chips on the platter to let the oil drip off & be completely dried. I repeat the process until I am completely done. If you need to add oil as you go, feel free to do so, as you want to have plenty of oil at all times. I like to add a pinch of salt to each batch once I have flipped each slice of tortilla. Once I add the last batch to my platter, I immediately add them to a decorative bowl without the paper towel. & they're ready to enjoy warm!

tortilla chips
Tortilla Chips

A simple tortilla chip recipe that is a favorite of mine & my little family. Hopefully, you'll enjoy them alone or with a bowl of guacamole or salsa.

I'd love to know your favorite food that you can't live without; drop in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!!

XO Ali

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