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O' Christmas Tree

Hey Guy's!!!

Well it's been a hot minute that I sat down & wrote a blog post. I was all in creating mod at Country Chic Homes & Thanksgiving & enjoying my family. I hope you're having a wonderful start to the most magical time of the year.

She's up & standing tall. In all of her beautiful glory, she's standing at 6.5", surely I'm not taking about me lol.. but our main Christmas tree. She went up almost a week ago & we let her stand with her lights. She came from Bed Bath & Beyond & is in everyday as perfect as can be.

Deets to how I dressed her up. I started with my raw vintage wood ornaments from my dear friend Doré, definitely such a gem & a heart & soul of gold. Her work & talent can be seen on IG & on her shop. I added some more sparkle to her with my Leaf Fairy Garland from Lamp Lust. One strand is all she needed to give her the extra glam. To add more layers to her, I of course layered my hand tied garlands & that absolutely completed her & was ready to be shared. No topper was needed & no formal skirt, just some raw drop cloth.

A very natural, a very French Country Chic Homes Christmas tree is what I had invisioned for our home.

From all of us here at Country Chic Homes We Wish You All A Wonderful & Magical & Blessed Season.



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