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Oh Fall How I Have Missed You! I've Been Waiting For You.

Hello Fall! Oh, how wonderful it feels to say that once again. A new season has arrived the most beautiful season of all.

Fall photo shoot pumpkins
Can you spot Pepper?

Every year, I send out my fall post, it's simple, but it's my seasonal greeting to you. Fall is the season that we all see how beautiful change is & how beautiful it is to let go & just be you, the most beautiful you can be. It's the season of gathering, to be grateful & to feel blessed. Fall is the season that I set my goals & achieved so much within myself & with Country Chic Homes. Yes, all in one season, I do it all. Does that mean that I go around the rest of the year roaming aimlessly? No, I am observing & gathering my thoughts very carefully. I give my all to one season & it trickles into the beginning of winter. I plan life events & decor for these months, including Christmas. Yes, my friends, I have had Christmas prepared for quite some time now. I even have content planned for NYE! I have never created content for NYE. So, I am very excited to share with you all that I have been planning.

I am a fall soul; I truly believe that with all my heart. Hmm, I am my happiest & busiest, but in some way, I find the calmness of the chaos. This year, I tried to write everything in a calendar. I did that for about a good month & a half & then I quit. That made me very anxious to write out my plans into dates. All of a sudden, I had deadlines to meet & that took the creativity out of it & made it feel like work. So, I tossed the calendar & it just sits now on my printer. & everything now is in my brain & very well organized. Well, onto my greeting to you.

Yorkie & pumpkins fall photo shoot

May fall bring you the most beautiful change & see how wonderful you're & how talented you are, but most of all, may you be surrounded by good company who love & adore you. May you lite a candle & place it on your coffee table, may you pick up a leaf, branch, or twig that has fallen from the tree & know how beautiful it was to let go. Lastly, enjoy every moment of fall, everything that it has to offer. I promise you it's more beautiful than you can imagine. I wish that you could feel it like I do. It's not about the cozy sweater, the apple cider, or the endless pumpkin patches; it's about the change into the season that takes us into the season of hibernation. Fall is the season of growth & it shows us to slow down & embrace the true meaning of change.

Thank you for a beautiful summer season; I am grateful to each & every one of you for being here with me on this journey. I hope that you know you make me smile every day! Cheers to another season together & to many more!


fall photo shoot pumpkins

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