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Oh Give Me All The Whites & Wood Tones!!

Hey Guy's!!

Let's chat about what I created & shared on IG this week. So... are ya'll following me on IG? I sure hope so. This week I wanted my home to be free of too much & wanted to be able to see everything. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible but with still having my style of course. I worked on 3 areas of my home, dining table, side table & kitchen shelves. I kept them all with the same style to keep it all clean & cohesive. I love it when you can go from one space to another & see the vibe going through. My 3 essentials pieces that I wanted to keep in each creation were..

1. White

2. Wood

3. Greenery

Here are some pictures of each creation. Look & see how each one has a bit of my 3 essential pieces.

In my previous blog post, I wrote about how to create looks like these & grouping, head on over to read it & hopefully it'll give you some inspiration when creating. I always step back when creating an area to see how it's all coming together. Hmmm I think I have an idea for my next blog post. Anyways, feel free to ask me any question's about the above pictures. & if you do create something similar, show me!! I love seeing all that ya'll do! This is definitely a great time to create!!

Alright that's it, just a wrap up of this weeks posts.

Be Well & Kind



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