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Oh My Hutch

Okay, I'm playing catch-up here & trying to share some great pieces of furniture with all of you. Of course, none of them are "new" but "new" to me. Vintage, antique, & used is my vibe & I love it!

Let's chat about my hutch. I think she came into my life back in 2010!!! WOW, I am surprised that I've had her that long! She has served several purposes & each one has been special. The hutch is a deep olive with gold wax & the base was a rustic farmhouse table painted a very light creamy yellow. The bottom has always been wobbly, I honestly have no idea how it held her for all those years. Up until our move, the hutch sat on what use to be our TV table. It's a tad wider & way more substantial than the farmhouse table. I've removed the doors numerous times & used them separately too. Let's go down memory lane & chat about how I've used this beautiful hutch.

The 1st time was in my boutique that I had ten years ago, yes, I had a women's boutique & it was perfect. The hutch was in the front of the store; it held all of the handbags on the doors I hung accessories on it. It was such a focal point. When I closed my store, I took her home with me, of course. Many people wanted to buy it from me, but I couldn't part with it. At my home, it served as part of my closet. It held all my jeans!! Yup, three full shelves of jeans. The doors were removed at that time, one was for my accessories & the other one was for my scarves. I made a few moves & carried it with me, well I didn't others moved it & boy is it a heavy one. So they say. Before this move, it held our daily dishes, glassware & a few other pieces. Now.

It holds my collection of ironstone, Dundee jars & French boards. Oh, my heart is so happy that I never sold her. This is the 1st time she sits on a new base. Her doors are attached to complete her look & believe me. She looks beautiful.

I love how I've always had use for her & she has been such a focal point every time. When you know you have a good piece, you hold onto it & that's exactly what I've done with her.

I appreciate you so much for being here & for letting me share this sweet hutch. I've attached a video of when we moved. She was waiting to be filled & then showing her all dressed up.

I hope you enjoy seeing her as I will be sharing her more & more.


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