• Ali

Oh My Vintage!

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hey Guy's!! I hope ya'll had an amazing weekend & are ready for Monday grind! I want to chat with you about vintage pieces, why I love to create with them. There is something about finding a great vintage piece, unfortunately none of my pieces that I have, have been handed down to me by a family member, so I have no history on the pieces. I have to literally search for them. I've been very lucky to find amazing pieces, kinda when I need a vintage piece. I always find my vintage pieces from FB Marketplace or at a yardie. I don't go to estate sales, they're usually overpriced & they kinda creep me out, I don't know why but I am just thinking about the person who these items belonged to, where are they and what not & who are these people selling the items. I know I overthink... Anyway's creating with vintage gives my home & creation that rustic country feel & gives each creation a special character. The patina that vintage gives is truly one of a kind & you know me, I love one of a kind items. I find that I don't put away my vintage pieces, I kinda just move them around from creation to the next. I do mix new & vintage in my creations, we'll leave that for another post. The BF loves the vintage finds too, so I've found the balance to our madness.

Well my friends let me know & I'd love to see your vintage pieces or creations with vintage items.

In some way we're all a little vintage, cause we're one of a kind! Be you always





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