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Hey, guys!!

I hope you had a fantastic week & as much as we all love creating & sharing on IG, I took a break from creating & I enjoyed the outdoors & some quiet time. Of course, it wasn't planned. It just all happened as needed. We took a quick getaway to Burney Falls, something we had wanted to do since last Summer. So Monday night, we spontaneously booked a room for Wednesday night, but since it's only about 4.5 hrs North East, it was totally doable. I'll leave more deets in the post for Thursday. So let's jump right into some deets on what I shared this week on IG.


I shared with y'all a space in my bedroom with a glimpse of my mantel & my vintage-inspired laundry cart that I purchased from Amazon. My focal point was really one piece, my sweet friend Kelly's Summer Lemon Pillow Cover. Head over to her shop, as she has a current sale. Tell her I said "Hello," Bringing in some Summer vibes with some yellow with the lemon on the pillow cover & a throw blanket, keeping it simple & fresh. On the mantel, I have, as I styled it originally with paper garlands, some rope balls that are ornaments that I used last Christmas on my garland & a wood blessed sign. On top, I still have a shelf with some hand-tied garlands & some wood bead garlands.

TIP: Simple seasonal creations can make a small space feel perfect, but not overwhelming will be easy for you to move pieces around. Pillows are a great way to add some seasonal vibes.



I am showing you some more Summer vibes on my side dining table. I kept it simple with a touch of Summer, an American flag in a vintage glass jar. No main focal point, as I like to create several in one. I'm using some of my ironstone platters, some greenery, & a variety of new & vintage clear glass bottles & I did use what I had leftover from my grain sack material to create a runner. I'll link the shop here Sweet Annie's Acres. All flowing together makes it easier to create.



Burney Falls!! Omgee, if you ever get the chance to go, GO!! This absolute gem of a town is surrounded by redwoods & cattle & mills & is located in Shasta County. A lot was still closed given to covid-19, but the state park was open for a short hike & to see this beautiful waterfall. The park is absolutely my favorite one yet. The blue aqua-colored water was spectacular. It reminded me of my vintage Mason jars back at home. The sound of the water falling off the rock & if you're close enough, the waterfall's mist on you is so calming. You can get right next to it & find a perfect rock to sit on. The selfies are endless & as you can see, I'm not very tall at all, haha it was either capturing the waterfall or cropping me out to just a headshot... Waterfall wins.



Let's get cozy!!! All of you probably know by now I love pillows & my couch is a great place to display them. I have signature pillows mixed in with pillows that I change around. Some are With Lavender and Grace, custom-made or purchased from Amazon. Feel free to message me on any of them. Most days, we start the day with them all nicely fluffed, karate chopped in the middle & casually tossed. By the end of the day, they're all over the couch, on top, being used for a nap or just set aside. Haha, I'm not truly sure what my family thinks about all the pillows; the conversation is not opened for discussion.


As it was a slow week in creating all these spaces, I will change them up next week. Can you imagine all that's in my head to start on Monday? On stories, we'll recreate my mantel in my bedroom, my bed & above my bedroom wall space. It'll be a bedroom refresh. So make sure to catch up every day, as new creations will be showing up on IG. See you on the gram.

Have an Amazing Weekend & Soak up the Sunshine!!


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