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On the Squares

Hey Guy's!!

I hope ya'll had an amazing week & an awesome 3 day weekend. I've been creating a lot, moving things around this week, finding some amazing finds & loving all of you so much!! Ya'll inspire me so much & I love reading all of your comment's, DM's & emails!! Keep 'em coming. Let's get into this weeks deets from my IG post's.


As great as it was to see Red, White & Blue in my home, I definitely enjoy the whites, neutrals & wood tones with some greens from my plants in my home. I shared my side table on our dining room. I gave ya'll a full side

view of it, keeping it simple with different textures to give you all the feels. I had know plan of how I would be creating this week, usually after any holiday creating I am ready to get back to my natural vibe. I started by placing the topiary off to the end of the table to give layers to my gather sign, giving it the peek-a-boo effect. I like to have pieces hidden at times. I placed it inside of a basket from Laurel Grove. Next to the basket, I have my Mason jar & 2 glass bottles with a strand of light's in each one. My wired basket sits in the middle with another plant on a riser & a wood spindle also from Laurel Grove. Oh this is 1 of 2 wired baskets that I purchased from Facebook Marketplace. I am so happy the other person didn't go pick them up like she has said she was. They have the tobacco basket vibe but in a metal. The last piece that I have in this creation, is another riser from Hobby Lobby with a glass door knob on top & a glass cloche. All simple pieces pulled together to make 1 creation or 3.

TIP: Have pieces that flow together to create 1 big creation or can be easily divided up. Each section is the center or main focal point if you have pieces that flow together.


Dining table creation square share, simple but oh so elegant & cozy is the vibe. I used a cheese board as my base, adding my Fern plant, that's her name she's sweetly planted in a crock pot. I believe I've had her for almost 2 months, I rescued her off of Facebook Marketplace, she's definitely is coming along. My 3 candlestick holders from Dollar Tree with white tapers. So simple to create & all item's that I already had.

TIP: Shop your home!! As much as I love finding new item's, shopping my home is just as fun.


I shared with ya'll another view of my dining room side table. I have my FB Marketplace metal tobacco tray, haha if ya'll saw my stories that word was hard for me to say every time, I kept saying Tabasco!! This is the smaller of the 2. Inside I have my sweet plant from Trader Joe's on top of a riser from Hobby Lobby, a wood spindle from Laurel Grove & my wood sign from Charlie James & Co. This vignette is perfect alone or as whole with the 2 other vignettes on my table. Creating this way gives me more space to create with, as long as all the pieces flow together you'll achieve a perfect creation.

TIP: Have pieces that flow together to create one space or several vignettes.


I am so happy to end my week with this square, ever since I received this print from my dear friend Gayla at her shop Scattered Beams, I knew that I needed to create something beautiful but not taking away from the print. Head on over to the square to read the meaning behind this square. How I created around this print was with my dad in mind, I took the picture in the evening to have the evening ambiance, as the sun was setting as it would out at my dad's ranch. I have my brass candlesticks with tapers, a faux plant (SOLD OUT) from Pottery Barn, wood bead garland that I created just for this creation on top of a box from Little Gray House Candle Co, not available for purchase on it's own but with the Gift Box Sets . I have the print framed in one of my FB Marketplace frames, I couldn't wait any longer to get it framed... so I have it doubled taped to the back of a larger piece of paper that is taped to the frame. I then added a larger frame around it to pull it all together. Seriously what a great way to end the week.

Well that wraps up this post, I hope ya'll enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!! Ya'll are the best & totally rock!!



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