• Ali

One Find Only

Hey Guy's!!

It's Fridaaayy!! Our Weekly Find Blog Post has arrived! So as ya'll may know I had surgery on Wednesday, which means I was cut short 3 days to find amazing pieces!! & I lost track of time & didn't share it on my IG squares... so you're the first ones to see what I found. With only having a few days, I only found one piece, well a set. But don't be sad cause what I did find OMGEEE! Literally melted my heart & made me so happy! I have started my vintage books! Check out these beautiful books that we were able to get out hands on from Supery Winery in Rutherford, Napa Valley!! Of course I found the ad on Facebook Marketplace. The BF & I went on Sunday & took a drive out, so beautiful, we were able to get a box full of these amazing books. A day passed and we kinda were regretting that we didn't get more, so we went Tuesday afternoon and picked up 2 bags full! We have books from the early 1800's, German & English Dictionary, Novels & Harper Volumes to just name a few. Some are still holding up & others have seen their time & have been read more than once. I have them displayed in our dinning room bookshelf & they look so perfect. Okay!! Let me show you the pictures!

Never judge a book by it's cover! The greatest find of all, are those found with a loved one





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