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Pancakes & Blackberries

The simplest mornings with a cup of coffee & something sweet are always calming to me. & when I can do that outside, it's a great start to any day.

As the weather has now begun to warm up slowly, our mornings have been easier to enjoy a bit more. So why not take my breakfast outside onto our farmhouse table? Sometimes it's the simplest breakfast that warms my heart & I have decided to share with you what that is.

Pancakes are Andrew's favorite breakfast items that he enjoys me making him, but of course, he loves it with all the breakfast sides. So, when he doesn't join us or me for breakfast, instead of making a whole batter of pancake mix, I only whip enough for two pancakes, one for me & I leave the other on the kitchen island for anyone else who might want to eat it. Of course, I make two tiny ones & I mean the last bit of batter mix for Pepper to join me. I added two secret ingredients for this batch: a quarter teaspoon of Pumpkin Spice from Trader Joe's. I mixed the batter with water & a splash of French Vanilla creamer. Something about these two ingredients makes the pancakes feel a bit cozier & oh-so-delicious.

Once done, adding butter on top & pouring syrup all over the pancake is mouth-watering. My finishing touch, I like to enjoy my pancakes with any seasonal fruit we have on hand. When I made these, I had some blackberries that we had recently bought at the market. To get the perfect bite, I cut into the pancake with the blackberry & having syrup on that bite.

Of course, my breakfast would only be complete with a fresh hot cup of coffee. For my birthday, Andrew gifted me a frother; it has made my coffee taste much better & has me feeling like a barista! It's the little things that make me smile & coffee is one of them—so having a frother that properly warms & steams my creamer & giving me that perfect foam is something that I look forward to every morning.

Sometimes the simple things that make me smile bring me joy. That only takes 10 minutes to make & enjoy outside as the weather permits. I hope there is something that makes you happy & brings you joy first thing in the morning.

~ Ali

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