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Pedestal DIY

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hey Guy's!!!

Let's DIY & DIY on a budget with possibly items that you may already have in your home that have surpassed it's original purpose, so dramatic huh? But really Guy's, we all have a few item's that we have laying around that we're still holding on too cause we'll use it again...nope! So for this DIY Creation, here is what y'all need. Start looking or head to a Goodwill store or if you're doing this on a weekend, find a yardie!!

What you need:

  • Base any type of material.. candlestick or older pedestal base something with a flat base top

  • Top any type of material... bowl or plate something with a flat bottom. Your top needs to be wider than your base

  • Epoxy glue... I like using the gorilla brand, super easy to use & great price.

Okay now that you have all your items, it's time to create!! But first, make sure your pieces fit together. To assure a proper fit, you'll need to have a flat surface on your top & bottom pieces. And it's totally okay to mix & match different types of materials like I have.

How To Create:

  • Mix the Epoxy glue as mentioned in the packaging directions

  • Apply Epoxy glue to the bottom of your top piece. Be generous with the amount of glue, also apply only where needed, no need to waste it.

  • Once you've applied Epoxy glue, set your top piece on top of the base. Before pushing it all the down, make sure it's centered on all sides, give it a few pushes down.. step back

  • Okay now that you have Epoxyed your two pieces together, just sit & wait LOL... I sometimes will apply extra pressure by putting a heavier item inside the top piece to add extra weight it to make the process faster. I honestly don't know if it really does, but you can give it a shot if you like. The Epoxy glue that I use usually is dry within 30 minutes.

YAY!! You're done! Happy Dance! Now to create with them & use them all around your home. Have fun with it & show me if you decide to make your very own pedestals. I love when y'all reach out to me with all your DIY inspirations, y'all make me smile!!

Until the next post Guy's!!

Be wise & kind always....





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