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Peel & Stick

Hey Guy's!!!

Let's just jump right into the post, cause I'm that excited to share it with you here.

If you caught my post & stories on the gram, you would know that our dining room has a new look... huge transformation. I was so excited when Floral Apartments reached out to me & asked me if I wanted to collab with them... on wallpaper!! For a brief second, I was like hmm. I had never thought about wallpaper before and the thought of even hanging it scared me. But as I read on & checked out their shop, I was sold. Peel & stick, I got this no problem. That was the least of my worries at that point, picking out which print was so hard to do, as they all are so beautiful. After contemplating between two, I went with Vintage Peonies in a black & white color pattern. Oh, did I mention that it was going in our dining room? Well that's were I wanted it as the dining room is my favorite room. I knew exactly where, in between the entryway. So that meant measuring different sections... yup the boyfriend did that as y'all know me with numbers. With the measuring guide that they sent over it was simple to do too. Once we measured & submitted a drawing it was set to print. I believe it only took about a week & the box arrived. Haha you would think that I would've opened it & put it up the same day!!!... Nope it sat in our living room for 2 days as I was so scared that we had measured wrong or that it was going to be super hard to apply. Well, as my staycation was coming to an end I decided it was time. I needed to take pictures of it & pictures in the box was not okay. Well, I opened it & guess what!!!? We measured correctly all 3 pieces & they matched perfectly!! Putting it up is definitely a 2 person job & between the boyfriend & I we knocked it out in no time. Every section we put up, we would step back in aww. A room that I thought was complete was now complete. I can't stop admiring it every time I walk by, I'm like this is mine.

We have plaster walls with texture & it went on smoothly. To smooth out any air pockets, I used my hand & a plastic spatula. There are instructions that come inside the box on how to properly apply, so definitely follow those as we did.


  • Remove any nails & fill any holes with spackle

  • Clean walls right before you're about to apply with a lint free towel

  • We started from left to right as per the instructions

  • Make sure you align all the pieces, especially the more visible views

  • Start at the top of each section

  • It's a 2 people job. One sticking & the other rolling it out, don't roll out more than 5" to 6" at a time

  • Take out any huge air pockets as you're applying & the smaller ones can be removed once wallpaper is applied

Well that's it, I think that covers how we did it & just to let you know... I am in love with it!!! So don't be scared like I was, this isn't our grandma's wallpaper where you have to glue it to the wall & if you mess up, it's a wrap.

If you choose to go with Floral Apartments, let me know!! I'd love to see it!



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