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As we start another week here at Country Chic Homes, I want to let you know with what has occurred in a part of the world last week, is absolutely devastating. Here at Country Chic Homes & on any of it's platforms, I always what my space to be a source of comfort, coziness & place to feel inspired but mostly safe & respected. I am happy that you're here & I stand next to you as a friend!

I get asked all the time what preset I use on my photos on Instagram & how do I take my photos. First, I'll start off by saying that I am not a photographer by any means. I snap probably way too many pictures that go unseen & probably go against any lighting rule. As for many the time of day that I snap my photos changes by the season & of course the weather. But if I think of a good idea & need photos at that moment, well I just go for it.

I use a professional camera Nikon 3400, why? It's the one that was given to me, well I kinda took over it & welp it's mine now. It's very easy to use, again I'm no pro so I just snap the button & adjust the zoom lens. I have learned to angle the camera to get a better photo & for IG to hold the camera vertical. I enjoy my camera, as like probably all cameras it has an app that I am able to download the photos to my phone via Bluetooth, which is like my computer. I still use my Android phone, yass I said Android & I think I always will be an Android user. I love everything about Androids & their camera is the best! I pretty much use it for selfies as in my opinion selfies are just better from a phone.

Now onto how I edit my photos, I hardly ever have to crop them as I've learned how to hold the camera & get exactly what I want. I just apply a preset, I've used a few that I have purchased but I truly wasn't satisfied. I think because of my decor is mostly French rustic, it needs to have the softness to each photo but where it doesn’t mute out its beauty. So I found that Lightroom has it's own wonderful presets & I have been using "aged photo." Since Country Chic Homes has a lot of neutral colors at times that preset doesn't work very well with Reds or Blues & even selfies, it tones the color way too much, so I have to adjust the settings to the photo. Definitely you'll find what works for you & your home.

I hope you have a wonderful day & enjoy the little things! Once again & always thank you for stopping by ohh & I've added some new vintage pieces to the shop that I haven't announced just yet!



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