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Refresh Week At CCH

Hey, Guy's!!!

Omgeee, I absolutely loved this week here at Country Chic Homes. I was busy creating, picking up unique pieces, antiquing, room refreshers & most of all, sharing Country Chic Homes with all of you!!
There's nothing like a busy & successful week, & I am truly blessed to be doing what I love to do... creating beautiful spaces!
So, let's get into this week's deets on the squares I shared over on the gram.
I shared with all of you our couch refresh, & Pepper approved it! I have an entire blog post on this, so head over to Summer Cozy Couch Refresh. There's nothing better than a cozy couch that everyone can enjoy.

CCH is part of another # group #decorgalsdoitall; it runs for 24hrs starting at 5 PM Cali time! I shared the lower shelf, hooks & peg rail with a touch of fern. I style this area with items that I am always using. I am constantly washing veggies, fruits, & meats. So having different sizes of colanders is great & these white ones fit with CCH Farmhouse Kitchen. Easy to access & looks excellent. My kitchen towels are so sweet with my hanging twine, giving me such a cozy vibe. I can have the set of twelve throughout my home, keeping it all.

Christmas in July!! A few of my friends & I shared stories & in our feed, a Christmas Creation. Head over to my feed to see my friend's square, too; you'll be inspired! Why not celebrate Christmas? The twinkly light, glitz, & Christmas trees give us all something to look forward to. In my square, I have my dining table creation with my beast of a tree that I found on Facebook Marketplace for $20!!! I seriously can not wait for Christmas! A bit of a dining centerpiece with my orange bead garland, I'll be creating another one for Fall!! So definitely look out for a DIY! I have so many creations in my mind & I can't wait to share them with all of you.

Okay!! As I said, this week was full of refreshing rooms here at Country Chic Homes. A space that I've never shared cause I didn't think it was pretty or needed to be. Our bathroom! I was so wrong because this bathroom now screams Country Chic Homes!! Check out the entire post so you can see a bit of before & after & all of the Farmhouse Vibes! It's one of my favorite rooms now... haha I live in a tiny one-bedroom home, so I can say Country Chic Homes is complete.

Happy Weekend!! I absolutely appreciate each & every one of you & thank you for reading my post!!



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