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Rise Up!

Hey Guy's!!

Late Monday night blog post! It's definitely feeling like Spring here in Sonoma County, so what else to do but to enjoy the sunshine. Creating during this time is great, as it gets us out of that Winter funk. For ya'll that are still in Winter, hopefully you'll see & feel the warmth of the sun very soon. Okay so enough with the weather report, & onto the post.

If you're following me on then you know that I create a lot with books, either as fillers or as a riser to give an accent piece some height to create dimension, it keeps the eye moving. It's such a simple & inexpensive way to do so. We all have books laying around or if you need to grab a few, head on over to your Goodwill store.

There's a few ways that I display books as risers, & you can use paperback or hardcover books. I prefer to use older books, they have that farmhouse style that goes with our home & the pages have the patina to them that I just love. I keep them as is or distress them by taking off the cover to the book. Of course I don't distress our vintage books or ones that have a similar feel. Once I am ready to place them, I see how I am going to have the books facing, lately if they're not the Stamped Paperback Books, I face them with the spine inward. I feel that it gives your creation a bit more character too. Once you've stacked as many books as needed for your creation, place your item on top... & there you go, you've added dimension & created a riser!

Well Guy's, I hope this helps you on your next creation, the books can be used in any area of your creation & really if you don't want them to be seen that works too! I have a few books as risers in some of my crocks. How ever you choose to use these, show me!

Be Kind & Always Rise Up!!



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