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Shelter In Place

Hey Guy's!!!

WOW!! It's been a hot minute since I've written a post, & look what's happened!! A lot of us are having to take "shelter in place" scary huh!!?? So much meaning to that & uncertainty. I'm not going to explain what it all means, I'll let your County let you know what you can & can't do. Some of you are choosing to stay at home & not go outside...oh shoot! I forgot to say why at the beginning of this post, corona virus has hit globally & for my County, Sonoma we are now officially on "shelter in place."

Well now that I got that mess out of the way, I want to chat with you on what you can do if you don't have young kids that you need to entertain or home school for at least the next 3 weeks... possibly until Fall per our State of California. So I'm going to list things that I am doing around my home to keep the days going.

  • Exercise indoors. Use your own body weight to do different types of movements. I used my broom as a bar & I had my boyfriend hold his weight on it while I pushed upward. Use stairs as your step climber, do squats by having your coffee table be your guide. I did 8 different types of excercise @ 4 minutes each.

  • Mediate. I recently started doing this, it does take some work and effort to get you mind to focus on you & your breathing. There are different video's on YouTube that can help you achieve this. There's talking videos or just relaxing music. It may take

  • a few times to figure out what works best for you.

  • Music, listen to music. Either out loud or put your headphones in. I have the Pandora app and the last few day's, instead of listening to one station I had it on shuffle. Great way to change up the mood.

  • Journal, excellent way to get your thoughts out & vent if you have too. Times are for sure crazy right now.

  • Do small projects, go thru your medicine cabinet. Toss out the expired medications & make a list of what you need. I wouldn't do anything such as your pantry or main closets right now. For myself right now, it's hard to focus on one thing for a long period of time. I don't want to run into needing an item to finish my project so keep it simple.

  • Movie, I must admit I've been binging on Amazon & Netflix. It's okay, you're not being lazy. You're setting your mind free from what's going on around you & that's okay to do. I bought popcorn today, not bagged popcorn but the fresh one that we'll have to make on the stovetop. Less calories & the boyfriend & I can have our own small bowl and season it with whatever we like.

  • Nap, even though we're home. We're tired & probably not sleeping well thru the night.

  • Eat healthy, hopefully you were able to stock on food. We were able to go to the grocery & get main food supply, dry foods, snacks, fruit's & vegetables. We bought healthy snacks, cause really our movement activity is way waaay down. Have a plan of how you're going to go thru your food supply too. We're able to go to the grocery store if absolutely needed. But the way we saw it, why risk it.

  • Go outside even if it's for a few minutes to get some fresh air, just make sure no one else is around you.

Okay Guy's so that's a short list of what I am doing. I'm sure as the days turn into weeks I'll be coming up with more things to do. But for now I hope this helps you during such a difficult time. Just remember to take care of you, there's only one you & when all this is over life will still be there, maybe a little different. We might have to put some pieces back together but all in all take time for yourself & maybe you'll continue some of these thing's afterwards.

Until the next post my sweet friends!

Be Safe & Healthy


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