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Simple Christmas Centerpieces

Creating centerpieces is always fun to do & I like to change them at least once a week around here. But for the holidays, I am changing them several times a week. I've also been chatting about it on my Instagram stories, so let's look into these here.

These centerpieces are with items that I already have in our home & most likely; you do too. The idea is to create without having to go out to spend money to make them. That way, you can change your coffee table or any flat surface for that matter frequently & not feel bad about doing so. Another tip is creating the centerpieces is an easy way to move out of the way if you need the space to gather around.

To keep it simple, I'll add the pictures & underneath each one, I'll share details on how & what I used. Again, no need to spend. Use what you have & if you need to substitute for something similar. I have added them to my LTK. If you need to replenish your decor stash, tap on the photo for all the links.

I'll add more pictures as I create them, so check back weekly. I also have them saved on my Instagram in a highlight " X-Mas Centerpiece" I share as I am making them.

Wishing you a MERRY weekend!

P.S. Don't forget to drop a comment below

On our dining table, a style that I had precisely envisioned. Simple Christmas reds with my favorite riser & milk glass vases that I am using as my candle holders. A whimsical touch with my trio felt reindeer & placed on top of a vintage grain sack to pull it all together.

A Beautiful Cherub

My all-time centerpiece, my cherub, holds so much meaning in my heart. It reminds me of my late father. All I did was add a touch of Faux fur to the setting.

Several Trees Centerpiece

Faux fur, risers & three trees are a perfect combo to create. Easy to do & always beautiful

A Grand Centerpiece

I brought in my huge paper mache bowl & added Christmas greens to it. I knew that I needed to fill well as the bowl was grand on its own. In the middle, I added my chunky candle & topped it off with my favorite twinkle lights.

Layers on Layers

For this style, I wanted it to be fuller than the rest. I added many elements to the mix. I placed our Faux fur rug that we have in currently in stock. By placing two cement risers on top of one another. I added three garlands. The whitewashed is available in our shop for purchase. A beautiful faux eucalyptus garland is throughout the vignette. A sparkly Christmas tree & twinkling lights complete it all.

A Warm Glow

The silver baubles were needed to create in another space, so I swapped them out & placed one of my favorite holiday candles.

On our dining table, I created this centerpiece. To add height, I placed a rustic wood box & put all that I used on top. My elements, glass, paper, brass, wax, a strand of twinkling lights & wood create a balance. Each section is designed in odds one or three.

Dough Bowl Base

One of my favorite vessels to use is my dough bowl. Silver & Green are a perfect mix for Christmas. I used two CCH cedar sprays, angled them across from one another & filled the center with the baubles, leaving space for a chunky candle.

With any clear jar, you can easily create this look. I used faux snow for snow, but you can use salt or sugar.

An Enamel Bowl With Antlers & Silver Baubles

I placed the antlers around the bowl's perimeter to create a gathering effect. The enamel bowl has a touch of red showing Christmas vibes.

Orange Slices

Besides making a garland with baked orange slices, you can add them to any bowl. I added my recent batch to an ironstone bowl.

vintage ornaments
A vintage bowl with vintage ornaments

I love using my ironstone bowls as decor vessels. Here I used one of my bowls to holds some of my vintage ornaments.

Bring out your holiday candles & group them together. Add height to them & bring in textures. I added our rug from the shop, currently we have one available. A trio of Christmas trees & twinkling lights.

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