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& So It Begins, SeptemBER

Hello September, how I have missed you, the golden glow you give us, so warm & beautiful; welcome back!

Welcoming the first month of the 'bers here at Country Chic Homes, I welcomed it with open arms & of course, an outdoor tablescape. It's a tablescape that I was excited to create & share with all of you. Today, I share a reel on Instagram showing how it all flows together & how I was able to capture the glow that we all love this time of year.

In today's post, I will share tips on creating an outdoor tablescape for September. As you know, the sun has begun its shift, and it starts to set a little sooner than the previous months. Florals have changed their color to their warm fall shades. Now is the time to bring out your fall foliage if you haven't already. Playing with the sun, bring out your warm colors of flowers & textiles. Even your candles, it's time to put away your white taper candles & bring out your golds, browns & rust-colored ones. I used white votives in today's tablescape but placed them in colored votive holders representing fall.
  • Switch the colors of your florals, candles, & textiles to warmer tones

  • Bring in heavier throw blankets

  • Amber bottles, bring them out; it's time

  • Copper vessels for your flowers

  • Brown transferware

  • Cement vessels for your flowers

fall decor

I created today's tablescapes with Grecian Bust Pots in mind. I filled them with dried fall foliage. I kept both looking similar but yet different as each bust is different. Nonetheless, they are the center of attention at the table. Given that they're substantial, I need to play that into areas of the table, such as the books I used to place each silverware setting on top. I tied each set with a mix of ribbons. The tablecloth was a heavy drop cloth balanced with a silk velvet runner that flowed to the ground. A blend of brown transferware, gold-rimmed plates & vintage yellow glasses is waiting for guests to be seated. A few gourds & a natural vine pumpkin keep with the natural decor. Lastly, the votive candles are placed inside fall-colored glass votive holders. The table glows with fall colors as the sun begins to set here in Sonoma County. It's a perfect September tablescape for four.

May this month bring you the joy of seeing that everything changes, that everything falls together & that each leaf that falls shows you the beauty of fall...autumn has begun to greet us.


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