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Soda Wood Crates

Hey Guy's!!!

Happy Fridaayyyy!!! Let the weekend commence Haha!! I have nothing planned for the weekend but hopefully finding some amazing pieces is part of it. Hopefully our cool temps will stick around too.

Well y'all just absolutely love my soda crate storage in my creations. I have a total of only 3 but I think for now 3 is perfect for Country Chic Homes. I love using them in my creations, but when not in use why store them away? Here at Country Chic Homes we have them out on display always, even if it's for storing some other vintage pieces. Our orange soda one is in our bookshelves in our dining room, holding our vintage glass bottles. Some of the bottles are noticeable & others are just hiding & waiting to make an appearance in our creations. The Pepsi one is holding a few Fall foilage & an Ivy plant that is holding on for it life. The one that I shared with y'all this week over on IG, is our Coca-Cola one. That one is also holding come glass bottles, Mason Jar with tapers & our vintage silverware. It's in one of my favorite spaces, what I call my shop my home section. Pieces will rotate a lot in this space as I am creating & grabbing from this area. I'll include some pictures of past creations too.

So, if you have vintage soda wood crates, bring them out & use them for storage all while creating a sweet vignette.

Thank you so much for loving my creations & for letting us share I our home with you!!

Happy Weekend


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