• Ali

Spring Florals

Updated: Mar 20

In today's post I'll share some of my favorite spring faux flowers & hopefully you'll love & enjoy them as much as I do in my home.


  • I like to order 4 bunches of an arrangement. I can create a fuller arrangement & have enough for 2 arrangements if I choose to do smaller ones.

  • I don't always cut the stems off. If possible I leave them on & just bend each stem to weave with another flower. I only cut off a stem if I definitely just need it for a specific arrangement or cascading ones such as wisterias, I like to spread out each stem through the arrangement.

  • I don't shorten the stems. A good faux is easy to bend & stays bent. If you cut the stem, then you've limited yourself to more heights of arrangements.

Okay now onto some pictures, each picture will have a link, just tap on in it & you'll be sent over to the specific shop that sells that floral. I'll definitely be writing up another blog post for Fall florals, since those are an absolute vibe on their own.

Happy Flower Shopping





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