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Spring & Summer Flowers

Update March 2023: New post name! I will be adding more Spring Flowers along with Summer flowers to this post. I will send out this post every so often to bring it to the front of the blog.

Update February 2023: I added new stems that arrived earlier in the week. I will soon be reposting this post. It'll drop into your email inbox if you're subscribed.

Update January 2023: In last week's newsletter, I announced that I'd add artificial flowers to the shop for Spring. I'll have several that are ready to be shipped & others will be available as Pre Order. Stay tuned for details on when they'll be available.

Update: I still love faux flowers even more than before. I have a few more posts that I have linked to this post for you to read. I also have added more flowers with their links. I have added them to the top of the picture section.

In today's post, I'll share some of my favorite spring faux flowers & hopefully, you'll love & enjoy them as much as we do here at CCH.

I love how artificial flowers look; they have come a long way from years ago. I shop at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Afloral, Walmart & on Amazon, primarily for my flowers. I, of course, want them to look realistic, so I am very picky about what I buy. When creating an arrangement, it is so easy to do as they bend very easily & of course, they last forever. I like to mix flowers & when the season is ending, I create arrangements with flowers from both seasons. I'll add a few tips below.
  • I like to order four bunches of an arrangement. With four, you can cover each side of your vessel

  • If the flowers come in a bouquet, I usually leave them as is & bend each stem as I create my arrangement.

  • I typically only cut off a stem if I need it for a specific arrangement or cascading ones, such as wisterias. I like to spread out each branch through the arrangement.

  • If you use a clear vessel for your arrangement & don't want your stems to show through, you can wrap them in burlap, a French linen towel, or any linen.

  • If you want to add a bit of water to your vessel, keep an eye on them, so they do not mold. When you're done with your arrangement & are ready to put the arrangement away, dry each stem with a paper towel. After drying them with a paper towel, let them air dry for a day.

Okay, now, onto some pictures. Each picture will have a link; click on it & you'll be sent over to that item to view all the details & if you would like to purchase.

Happy Flower Shopping



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