• Ali

Spring Textiles

Updated: Mar 6

Let's start the week with some beautiful spring textiles. Throw pillows & throws are a great way to refresh any space & can be pretty reasonable to do.

To try to conserve space, I am buying pillow covers instead of the full pillow. I have my favorite feather inserts that I love to use. Which make It super easy to wash the covers & store them away when not in use.

This year for spring I bought 2 new sets & will use a few sets from last year too. I'll be keeping around my ever season covers as they're neutral & balance out the floral patterns.

Size, that all depends on preference& what you need. I like to have 3 different sizes from 2 size squares & 1 lumbar.

I've add individual photos to the pillow covers you'll be seeing here at CCH for spring.

Bringing in different patterns & textures creates depth... it creates a cozy vibe.

Have a beautiful week ahead & embrace all the changes that come with spring.





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