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Staple Pieces

Hey Guy's!!

As much as I love creating & re-creating, I always try to have staple pieces in my creations. Item's that stay through each creation. Usually it's due to loving the item's or I'm just growing my collection. I think it's important to have item's that define your style of creating. I'll give you a few example's of staple pieces that I have in my creations.

In my living room, I tend to leave stacks of books, either Stamped Paperback Set's or just books with out their cover's. You'll see those through out the space giving height to another piece. One very important piece sits on my coffee table, if you follow me on IG I've talked about it before, It's a wood tray with a ceramic angel on top. It represents my dad that is no longer with me. So, you'll always see that piece on my coffee table creations.

Dining room, I have our vintage books that we found at a winery last year, they're way too beautiful to ever be put away in a box!! So forever they'll live in our built in bookcase. I really didn't do any creating on that shelf as they can stand alone & luckily we found enough to cover an entire shelf. I have a few small item's in front to add some depth.

In the kitchen, I have on our shelves... that were absolutely the most genius thing I could do for this space was put these up! I love re-creating these shelves! I re-create at the end of each month, kinda to start the next month fresh. Staple piece's hand's down... are my rolling pin's!! I have them in a farmhouse wired basket. I love the patina that they each have & how they look & are all so different. It's definitely an item that I am still collecting. 2 more items that are staple piece's are the Amen sign & the felt board. I enjoy having these, even though my plan was to change the board daily, then into weekly... now it's kind of when I get the chance to do so,

Well, hopefully I have given some insight on what to look for in my creation's & maybe on creating your staple piece's.

I'd love to know what are your staple piece's!!




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