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Summer Creation Pieces

Hey Guy's!!

Summer is here & creations here at Country Chic Homes are changing for the season by adding just a few new piece's to each creation. Adding just a touch of Summer vibes will take you through the season with out having to spend too much time creating & more time out in the long days & soaking up the sun. So let's start with my list of what I've incorporated & what will be trickling in the next few weeks.

1. Color:

As much as I love white, creams & wood tones, I'll be adding some light pinks as seen in my bedroom refresh & some hints of yellow such as my pillow from Kelly. 3 other important colors that ya'll will see is red, white & blue.

2. Patriotic:

I started bringing in some patriotic vibes since Memorial Day, I went all out the week of and scared it back down afterwards. In the next coming weeks ya'll will see it back up for 4th of July, with the same thing just bits of it around my home.

3. Mason Jars:

I started my collection of my vintage aqua blue Mason Jars last month & I'll have them out on display most likely until mid-September.

4. Throw Pillows:

I've switched up my pillow covers on my bed & couch to give more of an airy space but still keeping Country Chic Homes cozy vibe. Have stored away my heavy knit ones to more muslin, cotton & grain sack for now.

5. Throw Blankets:

Y'all know my love for throw blankets!! So of course I'd still have them around even during the Summer. Like the throw pillows, I'm just changing up fabric choices to lighter & more airy ones.

6. Less is More:

I'm having my table creations easy & light were I can just pick up & go to enjoy some family time. Such as having pieces inside of a basket or crate & style with in.

7. Bring in greenery, I started doing this in late Spring & I have continued to bring more in. Some are easy to take care of the others & some may not see the end of Summer, but I am trying to keep them going. I also have faux greens for certain spaces that just won't do well with a plant, just finding the perfect greens & not too shiny is key.

I hope this helps you while you're creating for the Summer, I'd love to see if you use any of these idea's too! Remember to create with having fun & quick, cause there's so much to do during the Summer!!



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