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Summer Views At CCH & Tips to Guide to Create a Cozy Summer

Here at CCH, we are waiting patiently for fall. Well, some of us are, others are eagerly waiting for fall. CCH is currently still styled with summer in mind & will be so for a while longer. There may be some pumpkins in the office that are eagerly waiting to make their appearance. But I am about a month away to start sharing fall content. Yes, I will admit to you that I have created several fall inspired tablescapes already. I had, too; fall is my favorite season of all.

Okay, back to the current season, SUMMER! The decor is minimal, and lightweight textures have made their presence as Sonoma County is in full-blown summer; what took some time to arrive we're now in the mid-'90s to low 100-degree weather. I removed the faux fur from the back of our sofa & have laid down Persian towels, that are super lightweight & are perfect for the season. Since they don't have a back grip, I had to purchase nonslip grips as Noddle was sliding every time she would jump on, or us every time we would sit back. Our throws are still a little bit on the warmer side as, for some reason, we still love the cozy textures; with the fan's & the AC going & we still have our cool evenings & nights. That is where you will find us cozied up if we're not out & about creating memories outdoors. Our cushions to our sofa are our favorite oversized euro pillows & only two throw pillows. Keeping it simple is key during the summer.

Euro Pillows

As for the decor, all patriotic decorations, AKA flags, have been put away. Our dining table has an arrangement with a touch of summer & fall mixed in. It's giving me the warm fall feeling before the season arrives here at CCH. & actually, it was part of a fall tablescape that I will share with you next month. I enjoy creating flower arrangements with a mix of seasons see; that's the beauty of artificial flowers that you usually will have on hand before the season starts.

Fall flowers
Candles can be seen glowing in urns, flowerpots & on pedestals during the morning hours; they go hand in hand with my coffee. I like to share over on Instagram what I like to call my "morning coffee walk". Even when not lit, tapers just look so beautiful & very vintage, with the wax dripping down the sides of the candle holders.

Twisted candles

Colors at CCH are clear glass, greens & blues. All three colors remind me of water, either memories from being at the beach or at the ocean. They're colors that you may see here throughout the year, but for some reason, they look slightly different in the summer, just more relaxed.

Summer here is meant to be easy & simple. It's the bridge season that enters us into fall & the holiday season. If you have been around, it can get very cozy & warm & not by the weather but by the elements I bring in. Summer is a beautiful season; it's a time to embrace & slow down & enjoy the longer days, be out & enjoy the markets, county fairs, and the weather & if you love the water. It's a time to create those golden memories & be carefree.

My Cozy Summer Tips:
  1. Start fresh with lighter weight linens.

  2. Simple flower arrangements with touches of fall.

  3. Market bags hanging on a peg rail in your kitchen or mud room.

  4. Clear, blue or green glassware.

  5. & delicious easy recipes!

What's to come to CCH Blog? I have several more summer tablescapes planned outdoors & on our kitchen island. Also, I will continue to share fashion & lifestyle content that I will be sharing & downsizing the shop; more to come on that.
I'd love to hear what you are up to for the summer; drop it in the comments below or something fun you have already done.
Have a wonderful week ahead & enjoy SUMMER!

XO Ali

I have linked pictures to my LTK shop.

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