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Superbowl Tablescape

Better late than never! I have no idea what I was thinking or better yet, not. After so many questions & comments over on IG about our LA Rams Superbowl Tablescape I am writing about all the deets & how it came to be. But hey, we won the superbowl 23 - 20!!! The previous win was back in 2000, so I'd like to think that our tablescape brought them some much needed luck!

Okay so even though football season is over, you can create a tablescape like ours for a birthday or next season for your favorite team.

I've created many of tablescapes for different seasons & holidays but never one for a sport let alone with my boyfriend. I knew that once I had come up with the idea, he would be playing a huge part in making it come all together as he is a die hard fan of the LA Rams.

I'll go over the deets that made our tablescape, but definitely head on over to IG & check out our reels that we made. You don't want to miss some special people in it.

In true Country Chic Homes vibe, this tablescape had to be vintage with a mix of sporty. Instead of my linens as a table runner, the boyfriend created a football field put of brown kraft paper or packaging paper. He created the yards & used tape for the lines. He even got artsy & drew a helmet. The setting was more of a grab & go, cause really no one really sits at the dining table while watching the superbowl. I brought out ironstone, silverware, advertising pots, for napkins I have used shop rags, they have that vintage vibe & are very affordable. For glassware I added our blue & yellow goblets for the perfect touch. Jerseys & helmets were also added, it truly came all together perfectly.

A simple tablescape for an amazing win!



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