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Tablescape & DIY

Hey Guy's!!!

Happy Thursday & Friday Eve! Evenings feel so much better in the Fall here at Country Chic Homes. We're starting to see some changes going on here & it feels oh so cozy. With day's getting a little shorter & leaves are changing.

What a day!!! I have a tablescape & a DIY post all in one. Today over on IG, I shared a Fall Tablescape. I had a vision of Fall florals, their rich colors mixed with copper. I pulled out all of my deep colored florals to create this arrangement. I had been wanting to use my copper punch bowl & it was time to do so. I placed a mason jar inside and stuck all the bigger florals inside the jar to have them stand. I created a layering all the way around & used smaller florals to fill in any holes. I added a stack of books that I distressed & placed and ironstone dish with 3 of my amber vintage bottles. I was able to bring in my sweet gourds that my dear friend sent me, Rosemarie. Cause I could not find any here in my area!! But she definitely rescued me by shipping them over!!

I added 3 brass candle holders with tapers, & y'all thought it was done... well nope!!! Lets get into the DIY!!!

I wanted a garland that would make a statement, one that was huge that would go from one side of my table to the other. So that's exactly what I created. Here's what I used.

Once I gathered all my pieces, I started threading the beads, for mine I did 30 of the 1" beads on each side instead of creating a tassel. I used the book pages in 2 ways. 1 folding them in half & the other way in 3rds. I did have a pattern with the 1" beads, book pages & orange slices. You can create your own pattern to what you prefer. I just placed 3 beads in between every step. In the middle of the garland that is where I have the 2" wood beads to add volume & to hold the garland in place. Ohh I used twine as my thread. Once everything was threaded, I then just tied the fabric pieces & tule that was just torn to create a frayed look. That's it Guy's!!! Another garland by yours truly!!!

Make sure to head on over to my post & stories on the gram #thursdaytablescapeinspo to see who joined me on today's tablescape. I definitely have been so inspired by these ladies. They all did a Halloween theme & boy did they do an amazing job. I absolutely love Thursdays, I get so inspired & it feels so good to share others!! So if you decide to create a tablescape please let us know if in some way we have inspired you. Follow along to see their stories!! Veronica & Melissa & Tonya

Have an amazing evening & thank you always!!!

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